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Concept Artist/Art Director for Film and Video Games


Charlie Wen's credentials include an assortment of accomplishments in the entertainment arts arena. He has worked on games, film, commercials, and print for SCEA, Acclaim, Dreamworks, Disney, Rhythm & Hues, Wizards of the Coast, and Darkhorse. Among Charlie's recent accomplishments is his work as Visual Development Director for Sony Computer Entertainment America, where he created Kratos and helped establish the hit series God of War and highly anticipated God of War 2. Outside a production environment, Charlie enjoys teaching. He has taught figure drawing at Associates in Art, Rhythm and Hues, Acclaim Entertainment, and the Animation Academy. He has also taught character design at Gnomon. Currently, Charlie Wen works at Imagi Studios as a character designer for Gatchaman, a film remake of G-Force, or Battle of the Planets.