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March 28, 2007



I just recently discovered your signature hidden within the GOW2 cover art on Game Informer's magazine issue 156 of April 2006.

There is a cwen on the mouth of the bird and a chen on it's left wing. I assumed it was your signature and that you drew this picture.

Here's a picture of the artwork that I'm talking about, I found on Google Images:

I couldn't find a better image online.

von Cotta

Hi Charlie

Cool blog. Found it on your CA thread. I juststarted working as a concept artist myself, and I must say, that it was quite a relief when I read that you spent 2 years designing Kratos. In the 3 months I have been working, I have found out, that coming up with a design, that fits with the art directors mental image, can be very difficult.

I never actually played the game, funny, but ever since I started woking as a concept artist, I allmost stopped playing games.

Well, thanks alot for making this blog. It was very educational for a newbie concept artist such as myself. Salute


Hey, I dont want to be a killjoy or anything, but this dude is totally ripping off your work.
Here is the link:

I guess you can deal with it how you want, but he's pretty adamant that it's his.

Have a good one dude, and keep up the great work, I'm a huge fan!


I dont want to be like a killjoy or anything, but someone is totally ripping off your work as his own. I guess you can do what you want, but the only reason I'm telling you is the guy's real adamant that it aint yours. Have a good one dude!

Heres the link :


That combo took 10 hours. The website is finally open. I wasn't initially thrilled with myself for telling everyone even though I knew it would force Sony's hand into at least opening the place a bit sooner. When I got there the vids weren't working but they had a freaking awesome wallpaper availabe (also an article). Later some guys from GameFAQs found the "secret" for getting to the next page through the Greek letters spelling "Kratos". This lead to another video then a "sliding puzzle". I f*cking hate those things..I'm no good at them. I'll have to enlist the aid of a friend who is more skilled with puzzles. From what I've been told/shown, the next page of the site reveals the code of "higher resolution" which I've tested..nice. Then there is another countdown..

More artwork you say? I'll be checking for updates daily so I should be "in the know". I've told another fan of yours about your blog. He didn't know it was you who had done the work that you did for GoW1 and GoWII.. nor did he know the history of Kratos' evolution..let alone the creation of the Chained Blades we love so much. He has been informed but has yet to post her from what I can tell.

~The Ultimate God of War Union (TUGOWU) salutes you Charlie Wen

NOTE: 3 years IS a long time to search for something but I am the obsessive type..I just don't give up..especially when I have constant reminders to find what I'm looking for. Sadly not all of the GoW artists have blogs/sites with their GoW works available to see. I got the Limited Edition guide for the art (I don't need its tips for how to battle when I'm doing Titan Mode No Update Runs just fine without their suggestions)..more over so I'd know who the artists are who did each of the featured works..So I'd know who I was looking for and what it is that they've done (a measure of their style and what to expect when/if they are found)


GodModeGOD, 999,999 hit combo? That's insane and obsurd-- you are the Kratos combo king! Thanks for looking so hard for my site-- I've been in the process of working on a web site for over 3 years now--- not been very motivated-- but working on this blog's been painless, and it's quite a pay-off to connect with gamers and artists that like the game, or the art. I do plan to put alot more artwork on this site. I'll update the GOW and GOW2 Photo Albums first, then start uploading some personal sketches that are a bit more recent, maybe even some stuff for a personal project I'm working on.

chino de la rosa

GodModeGOD: wow, man. props for reaching that combo. i definitely don't have the patience to even reach 10,000 hits -- after that, i gave up on it in the arena of the fates.


I'm the guy from Barlog's blog with the video on YouTube showing the 999,999 hit combo.. revealing the website before they thought anyone would find it *lol*
~Tonight I am getting my pay off..the countdown ends

chino de la rosa

i enjoyed the game a whole lot! i'm still playing the game (on titan mode) -- the replay value is very high, damnit i'm still so addicted! i'm not regretting that 50 bucks. lol

props to antoine too for that behind-the-scenes footage

today, i'll be waiting for the opening of

thanks for replying, mr. wen. congratulations again for god of war 2!


By the gods! You've finally gotten an online settlement where your work and thoughts can be appreciated. I've been looking since the release of GoW1 for anything remotely "official" concerning your works. Here I am..just about to go to bed at 6AM and I run into your blog.
~Very nice work Charlie
NOTE: I hope to see more of your works in your folders over time. I bought the limited edition guide for the artwork that comes with it. I've had little luck getting online versions of the pictures I have now seeing as most of the artists do not have a blog or website with their GoW art up. A pity.


Thanks, Spunk!

Chino, Hope you enjoyed the game, or are you still playing it? The behind the scenes were done by Antoine---he did a great job! Not sure if my testosterone level matches up to Kratos, but thanks! lol

Randy, Funny, I recognized your name the other day when Kevin Chen mentioned you--- didn't tie the two together til now:) --I saw your work--some nice stuff! hope to see more.

I'll be updating as much as possible, so please let others know about this site!

randy Bantog

it's great to see that you have a blog! i've been a fan of your work for a while and it's fun to read about your thoughts on working on the project.

chino de la rosa

wow, it's great to read all these first-hand from the artist who pumped testosterone into kratos' appearance -- even though i can't seem to stop watching the behind-the-scenes footages of god of war and god of war 2. congrats, mr. wen for a job well done!


dude! finally! something from THE artist!!

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