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April 16, 2008



Go to http://godofwaregyptianbloodlines.blogspot.com/ to see a new twist on God of War.


Hi Charlie, you used to work on Gatchaman, right? If you can, can you post some sketches you made for the movie?


it's wonderful to see ur artworks here, I wish u update ur blog
ur artworks r amazing, GOW in the best game I ever have played

Wayne K

Hi Charlie, some of your high school classmates were in town over Thanksgiving and someone mentioned you were doing God of War 2, which is really cool. Lonnie's blog pointed me to your blog, so I'll try to keep up. Congrats on an amazing career, I think we all knew you were going on to be an excellent artist. Wish I had kept the Science Club shirt. I was a big fan of G-Force when I was a kid, too. I've always wanted to find the tv series on DVD. Now that I know it's called Gatchaman... Drop me an email if you have the time and I'll update you on my personal life, which includes a daughter, child on the way, and a short stint living in Singapore (love it!).


Dear Charlie,

Your work drives me nuts, its an amazing blend between the feelings of master work from rubens or raphael with a new age touch of digital still retaining solidity and volume. Seriously man, its fantastic, i gotta try to think at that level, your a real role model : D Good luck on GOW 3 and your future projects.

Shelly W

Hey Charlie~

Sorry that i missed your character lectures! are you coming to the SD Con?


Sebastian Lonegro

That was amazing men, congratulations for your art.Have a lot of talent.
Love all GOW stuff.
Keep with the good work.


David Santos

Ciao Charlie, come vĂ ? Spero tutto bene per te. Buon lavoro. Un abbraccio e un buon fine settimana.


thanks for the comments, guys.

Monty-- sorry, but that image is bogus--- no connection with the film or game. He actually isn't designed yet;]


Hi charlie, a news story circulating around the net is showing off a possible model of Panthro (I Think), is it for real?



Is Imagi canning Gatchaman? I hope not! some strange rumors goin' around...Can you tell a bit about where it's going? Also, when is Thundercats scheduled to come out?

Rodney Fuentebella

Woah! That's a cool crazy life man, envious! Hope all goes well with whatever lies ahead...Thundercats...ho! take care bro!

David NYC

When does Imagi release Gatchaman? Some time next year or by the end of this year? I hope they stick with the plan. It's too big of a legend not to be revamped. Thanks for the information and you're one talented man! Please post your Gatchaman work when they become public!

David NYC

When does Imagi release Gatchaman? Sometime next year or by the end of this year? I hope they stick with the plan. It's too big of a legend not to be revamped. Thanks for the info and you are one talented man! Please post your Gatchaman work when they becomes public!

David NYC

When does Imagi release Gatchaman? Sometime next year or by the end of this year? I hope they stick with the plan. It's too big of a legend not to be revamped. Thanks for the info and you are one talented man! Please post your Gatchaman work when they becomes public!

Jason St Louis

Sorry my mistake, kinda misread things there and got my info wrong. Its not Kevin Monroe meant to say you Charlie!

But my opinions on your doing T-Cats still stands, wishing you all the best. Ya know, there's a thread on imdb.com where i've tried to get folks to talk about a spruced up T-Cats series/movie, hope if you ever pass by there you'll browse those pages and get a jist of what a more grander scale Thundercats fans think should happen today! I.E. Enhance what worked and ditch what didn't.

Threads under the title of; "Amping up the series in the new version of Thundercats!"


P.S. Any chance fans will get to see Lynxana from the classic Marvel Comic story be adapted into a new incarnation of Thundercats, or would Warners have to purchase the Marvel-Star comics story and pay or buy for that particular character's usage in any film adaptations etc.

I'm now going to view your beatuiful art on here, which is quite extrordinary Charlie!



You rock, man! Can't wait to see your take on T-cat! hooooo!


hi Monty,
I wish I could show you, but I can't really show any stuff online at the moment while the studio hasn't released the images yet.


hi Jason,
Thanks for your comments. just wondering where you heard that Kevin Monroe was on Tcats. Actually, the director for Tcats is Jerry O'Flaherty.

Kevin is working on "Dead of Night"---about the adventures of Dylan Dog, some kind og supernatural private eye.


Is it possible to see any of your old designs for Gatchaman?

And how close does Thundercats follow the original cartoon, I remember WB wanted to turn them into a rock band.

And also, did you do any work for TMNT, how was that movie changed from the original script?

Jason St Louis

Moving on to Thundercats sounds sweet indeed. Like what everyone else on here has already commented on, i wouldn't go for a watered down Gatchaman by the sounds of it neither. And making it akin to the Power Rangers sounds way off.

I'm sad to hear Mr Monroe's off of Gatchaman ,but pleased thats he's on Thundercats. Just like many fans, i've imagined what kind of updates the T-Cats series would have, but with he news of a new CGI movie based on Thundercats by Warners Brothers and Kevin Monroe jumping on that instead after Gatchaman didn't pan out, i certainly look forward to seeing what'll be produced in the months to come from this recent bit of blockbuster news.

I've gotta ask though, would Gatchaman and Thundercats have graphically looked anything like the 'Final Fantasy' and 'Appelseed' animated movies or been more in the vein of CG movies like 'Dragon Blade' (2005)?

Anyways love whats on here, the comments by posters the love and general feeling for these new CGI flicks. i'm going to put this place on my favorites folder and check back every now and then.

Wishing you all the best, *thumbs up*.



hi Ann,
Thanks. I had a great time on Gatchaman. Just to clarify, they weren't trying to make Gatchaman look like Power Rangers-----they wanted to go for a younger Power Rangers audience, which I wasn't as crazy about.

Randy Bantog

The new stuff you're working on sounds really exciting. I'm also a big Thundercats fan and can't wait to see how the movie turns out.


Hi Charlie is there any info you can share about Gatchaman,
such as why Kevin Monroe left, and if they are still using your designs for the movie.

Also what animation studio is producing the Thundercats movie, and how does the budget compare to other CGI movies?


Apologies, I let my temper get away. I should also say I appreciate the work you were doing with the Gatchaman movie and I'm sorry to see you've left it. Hope Thundercats goes well for you. Thanks for keeping us in the loop on things.

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