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April 13, 2007



sorry for that 2 comments i thought that it wasn´t send Please Sorry

Charles Dickens

hey charlie i´m impressed of your works i´m studying arts and i´m trying to work at the same employ that you work. Could you tell me which studies you have done to become a conceptual artist?I´m trying to work at videogames and comics. I´m a spanish boy and i have 16 years old please tel me. please respond!! (eldickies@hotmail.com or carlosj.garcialo@gmail.com)
Thank you very much. Your work is really cool, amazing. You are one of my reference/heroes at painting. Absolutely incredible work.Please Come to Spain !!!(i´m trying to buy the concept art book of god of war)


is that the watercolour filter you used with clotho? Or did you start with real media and scan it in? Just interested :) ace work!!!

Antonio J.M. Riego

Hi Charlie
Nice Work... I am impressed with your designs...

Dustin brown

hey im 16 and art is my life but ive always stuck to the pencil.... Im not the best painter around and dont injoy painting like i do drawing... so is there still a chance for me to become a concept artist or will i be able to work with a video game company if i stick to the traditional media.....also what ill will i need to do to have a chance at somthing like that (education wise and other important info) please please respond True_artist@yahoo.com

Scott Hartley

Charlie - your work is pretty friggin amazing - I think we actually went to high school together back in Indiana. Keep up the great work.

Arturo Serrano

OUU Charlie, I´m a spanish fan . Your work is really cool, amazing. You are one of my reference because I´m concept artist too. Absolutely incredible work. Come to Spain !!! jeje

Mark Aviles

Thanks for posting up your GoW Concept work. I saw your stuff at the show in Alhambra this past weekend and am now a big fan. Cheers!

Andrew Kim

Love these concepts, Charlie! Always wanted to see your GOW stuff and these just blew me away. Post more!!!!!!


Kinman, Thanks for the comliment! Maybe I should temper the God of War stuff with some less "insanely gruesome" stuff--lol-- flower still-life, purhaps?


Thanks, Jackson! I'm glad you found my blog. I thought it'd be tough for people to find. Let me know when you finish the game--- wanna see what you think:) Take care!


Hey Steve-- Great to hear from you! Wondered how you were doing all these years after Associates. Still in touch with any of the old Associates crowd? --should get together some time soon if you're still in LA.

Kinman Chan

Hey Charlie.. Beauuutiful work! Original and insanely gruesome in the best way.. looking forward to seeing your next posts.. :)

Jackson Sze

Yo Charlie!
I'm so glad I found your blog!! SOOO aweeesome!!!

I'm playing GOW2 right now... what an amazing product! Absolutely incredible work!!


Charlie...sick work man! We Scottish love Kratos, but we've always wondered, is he a true scotsman?;)

steve chon

charlie, wut up brutha. this is steve chon from associates way back when. kind of lost touch with you after your move, but glad to see your work finally. AMAZING!! hope your doing well bro, hopefully i'll see you at the book signing and we'll catch up. pez.


nice pile o work man! sorry you couldn't make it to the lunch get together a week or two ago, was looking forward to meeting you.


Thanks dude. glad to hear that... encourage me to keep it updating everyday...and draw more.
BTW next time when i come to LA, we have to play more pinpong games :)

one more word, so glad to have you in Gman!!! keep on cool works!!!!!!!


Very nice additions to the GoW1/GoWII galleries Charlie. My favorite version of all the Kratos models used was the Blue Kratos with an alternate take on Kratos tattoos. That one best suits me. I still don't understand what about that model was held down by "legal issues" concerning any inclusion as a bonus costume in GoWII. That had me frustrated me.

~I've seen a lot of concept art for things that haven't yet been available on the internet. What kind of concept art is/was there of Artemis? *the weapon* Or even those chain blades you made famous..Kratos' trademark murder implement.

NOTE: From where do you like to draw "inspiration" Charlie? I haven't really drawn out of enjoyment for years. Even with a brief flare I just couldn't get myself back into it. Requests crippled my desire to draw.

Bryan Lee

Wow! I don't even know how to react to this. You are awesomeness itself. By the way, this is Bryan from Art Center. Short dude Kevin Chen disciple #971302. Lol!! Awesome! Awesome stuff Charlie. You make me ashamed to call myself a character designer.


Felix! Great to hear from you! I'm glad I can keep in touch with you through your site:) Definitely check out the game if you get a chance--I think it's better than the first one---at least it looks better. lol


hey "Biggest Fan", Thanks for the over-the-top but kind words! It's always great to know your work is enjoyed:]


hey Charlie! Thank you for leaving message in my blog!
I just bought the art book and the game of God of WarII today, that's really really cool! I complete the whole game of GOW. I will play the new one (if i have time... heee)

CWEN's biggest fan

U da MAN! I feel like getting hit w/ tons of bricks everytime I visit your blog -- it's a treat to my eyes!! Keep it comin', dude!

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