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November 28, 2007



Your work is simply awesome. I was wondering what you think, because of your closeness with the God of War series, of the work I have been blogging about Kratos after God of War 3. God of War Egyptian Bloodlines is a book I wrote to add to the series. Maybe if it is actually published you and I could work on artwork to immortalize it.

MIchael Ferguson

Charlie, simply amazing, you are truly inspiration!!!!

adam aboussoukkar

your really an inspiration for me really love your work

and plz give some orientantion for diong all this
books dvds tutorial and shcools email me and thanks


This is beautiful. I really appreciate the rough to finished look into your process. Thanks!

david Dieterlen

sorry it took so long to get back,but I posted a blog displaying your terminator. I still think it's great it's only about 7 in. tall.If you have any more recent works I might want to trade up. here's the link.



Wow Charlie your work is really inspiring do you ever do hand drawn sketches.personally i dont like the new stuff wacom etc.Even though you make them look fantastic i must say youre my favorite digital artist.you should also have your own website like Cecil does!!

Charlie wen

Thanks for taking the time leave your comments!
David, wow--- I think we must know each other then--- I think I was in Junior High at the time. I don't actually remember selling a Terminator drawing--- I'm glad you remember it--- amazing things that can come back to you--- glad it wasn't something embarassing! :j

David Dieterlen

Wow !! I always wondered what happened to you. You did a drawing of "The Terminator" back in 1988 or 89. You drew it in about 15 min. in a special class for high school art students at IUS. you sold it to me for $5.00,and made me promise to frame it. It now hangs behind me in my office. For a guy who would draw every thumbprint on a drawing of his thumb ,your art has really loosened up . Looks great!


Hopped over from CA too. Awesome stuffs man, thanks so much for sharing.


wow awesome stuff....


Thanks for leaving a comment here, guys! I'm glad you liked the process images. I'll try to have more of those here in the future.

It was good to meet you, Trevor---glad the workshop helped. It was fun to do as well---- a bit short in time though.


such impressive work man
thanks for the sketches and process shots
i learned so much from you this past weekend (met briefly friend of paul christopher's) it has already benefited my work immensely as far as getting character design comps done faster and better
the more you post
the happier i am hahah keep it up
and good luck to you


gorgeous.. really nice brushwork Charlie!

Sho Katayama

Charlie! thanks for showing the process! imspiring.


holy crap! Awesome! I've been waiting for one of these, man.



thanks,eric---I've always wanted to post some process cause I always find it more interesting how the image comes about more than the final image.

Eric Chiang

Thanks for posting the process shots. Very insightful. You make it look so easy.

Eric Chiang

Thanks for posting the process shots. Very insightful. You make it look so easy.

Eric Chiang

Thanks for posting the process shots. Very insightful. You make it look so easy.

Eric Chiang

Thanks for posting the process shots. Very insightful. You make it look so easy.


Randy, Dave, and Monkeyart,
Thanks a bunch for the kind words! And yes, Dave, it is nice to receive blog comments!

Randy Bantog

Beautiful new stuff Charlie. it's cool to see the process and that painting of the woman singing looks stunning.


sweet process and exaggerated form! I've been a fan of your stuff for some time now, got this link from CA. I figure its always nice to recieve blog comments haha.

ps - you should drop by my sb and gimme pointers :(



Man, you rock! This really blows my mind away! Thanks for posting such gnarly art &process. Can't wait for more!

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