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November 27, 2007



Incredible sketch. Good work! Interesting choice in colors. The hood looks out of this world.

Mario cavett

Beautiful it seems that you draw woman in such a regal light why is that?
The idea is great I'm a illustrator myself and I want to know about this style its certainly unique.

(I'm not a fan, just an aspiring artist who holds creative people in mind)


Good grief! that's beautiful . Love the painterly feel to the whole thing .

Cheers .

Rich Pellegrino

Great painting. I would love to buy a print of this.


do u need a degree is design to be a concept artist? is it possible to become an concept artist with a BFA?


your so sick charile. i want to be a concept artist too.

scott Altmann

Surprised this hasn't gotten more comments. Really beautiful -like if Sargent did some fantasy concept design :)

Marcos Mateu

Love the color and light. Great expression!

Mark Behm

I confess, I did look at another blog while you were away.
This one is awesome! Got such a classical feel. More please!

Iron fan

Dude! What took THIS long! I understand the business and all, but can't keep your fans hanging or they may stray, you know! Glad you're back, buddy!
And thanks for the great art again, as always. Gnomon gig is doomed to be a blast!

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