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December 11, 2007


willy ashworth

Great stuff!!!


Awesome character!:o)Remind Me portrait of Musorgsky by Ilia Repin.


wow... this is so good, I envy your talent , but it inspires me too. Awesome!


awesome, i wish i could draw that well


You've got two options! Update! or Downdate! What's it gonna be!?!

^ ^


amazing charlie amazing love the personality and degree of stylizing is rite on spot. =]


amazing painting! Love the character and your values are out of the world!

Eric Bonhomme

beautiful work I am truly inspired right now. keep em coming.

Francis Vallejo

I don't think I've been this blown away by art since I found Jon Foster. Geeeezz.... Thanks for the inspiration!

Mike Lee

beautiful painting!

Mike Lee

beautiful painting!

Dave Wilkins

Wow Charlie man, I see you're keeping busy-Amazing as usual bro-


Dave Wilkins

Wow Charlie man, I see you're keeping busy-Amazing as usual bro-



i am inspired by your works. thanks for making such creative work.

i want to draw now


Funny Charlie! Reminds me of those old Kruger caricatures. Awesome painting!


haha... I happen to be from Arkansas... it seems only time it gets mention is when hillbillies are involved. I love the painting keep'em coming!!!


Wahahaha He looks awesome, Charlie...


Hey Charlie, thanks so much for sharing so much inspirational art. Amazing stuff. Plus we get to really see how you've improved over the years with the GOW stuff gives us little ones hope :)
Oh and I dunno how major goiter pulled off getting by n the marines lookin that outta shape, but hey, he does look like one mean mother f'er. definitely couldn't choke someone with a neck like that. egad

Ben Mauro

Haha, thats great charlie, love the eyes.


haha, that's super cool charlie, love the eye expressions.


I love the colors and expression man. I'm super fond of that whispy beard and the stink eye! KWUA!

Joshua James

Hey Charlie,

It was nice to meet you for that split second before your demo ^ ^ (Travis introduced me to you)

Very inspiring new post btw!


So well done!! Perfect fit for his backstory. I feel bad for him and I'm afraid of him at the same time.


This is amazing, I love the hint of sub-surface scattering on the rim light. Too good :)

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