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April 16, 2008



I'm horrified that they're going with a Power Rangers look-alike for Gatchaman. Gatchaman is NOT Power Rangers. It's one thing to redo the classics, but to redo a classic and then add elements of another show just to get an audience shows what a sorry state the movie industry is in. - to the movie execs - don't try to copycat and follow the money, make a good movie and the money will follow. sheesh.


hi Mark,
Yes, I did get your email--- it's great to see your site dedicated to Thundercats. We're definitely trying to capture the flavor of the show, but updated for the contemporary audience. Thanks so much for offering up reference material. Not sure if we'll need more at this point, but if we do, I'll contact you.


hi Wendy, Hope you're not too aprehensive about the outcome of Gatchaman. Most of the projects I know of or have been on go through some pretty rough obstacles before making their way to distribution. I think, and hope, with the talent they have there (and for the sake of all us fans) that the film will come out as a success.


Thanks for the update on the Gatchaman movie. Seems there has been little to no information about it for a while, and the change in staff is concerning. I have to say your news leaves me apprehensive about the way the movie will eventually turn out.


Love reading your posts. You have an awsome imagination! Good luck with everything!


heard that you might be working on AKIRA --- man, IS THAT TRUE?


hey, I saw your pics & about the Thundercat gig on Ain't it Cool News -- guess they don't know your blog here yet, huh? Cool that we get the scoop here first!

Daniel Andrews

Right on man! Thunder Cats, that awesome. Hopefully you can post something in the near future to give us a taste of how it may look.
Great to learn a little more about you.
Take Care and Best of luck friend.
Your work is Gold man.

Andrew Cramer

Wow man that's a great gig to land! Good luck and I hope you'll make us TCat fans proud!

PS: LOVE your GOW stuff!

Andy Park

Cool to hear your thoughts Charlie. It's been fun watching you go through all these career events. I hope we'll work together again one day in the future. I can hear you cough all day long again => So, is it ok that you reveal all this info? You won't get in trouble now will you? Just watching out for ya.


Hey Charlie, great to see the T-Cat announcement is public. Did you see my e-mail re: original cartoon concept art?


Thanks for the update Charlie.. interesting to hear your experiences..


thanks, Pen-tied--it's always fun to share about your days in field! I'll try to update more often.


Geez, what a true artist's life! Can't wait to see your work/films out! Thanks for sharing, too. You make us your fans drool for more of your work tales! Just don't take so long to update!

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